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Live on Earth (DVD, Signed)

Live on Earth (DVD, Signed)

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IMPERIAL AGE - LIVE ON EARTH: The Online Lockdown Concert (DVD, 2020)

As watched online on 25th April 2020 by 38 000 fans from all continents, including Antarctica. One of the first online shows of its kind.

1. Turn The Sun Off! (live)
2. The Escape (live)
3. Vanaheim (live)
4. Domini Canes (live)
5. Warrior Race (live)
6. Wings Of Your Heart (live)
7. Love Eternal (live)
8. In The Center Of The Earth (live)
9. Life Eternal (live)
10. The Castaways (live)
11. Islands In Time (live)
12. Battle Heart (live)
13. Aryavarta (live)
14. Death Guard (live)
15. And I Shall Find My Home (live)
16. The Awakening (live)
17. The Monastery (live)
18. Anthem Of Valour (live)
19. The Legacy Of Atlantis (live)

+ Bonus:
20. The Making of Live on Earth


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