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Legacy of Atlantis (Digital)

Legacy of Atlantis (Digital)

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01. The Awakening [05:25]
02. The Legacy of Atlantis [06:19]
03. The Monastery [04:16]
04. Life Eternal [04:54]
05. Domini Canes (March of the Holy Inquisition) [04:45]
06. Love Eternal [06:15]
07. The Escape [05:24]
08. Islands in Time [06:10]
09. And I Shall Find My Home [05:01]

Released January 31, 2018

Recorded, mixed and mastered at CDM Records by Sergey Lazar. Produced by Alexander Osipov.

All music written by Alexander Osipov except The Awakening written by Jane Odintsova and Life Eternal written by Alexander Osipov & Jane Odintsova. All lyrics by Alexander Osipov. Orchestra and choir parts written and arranged by Alexander Osipov. Choir conducted by Taras Yasenkov.

Alexander Osipov (Avva Rama) – tenor;
Jane Odintsova (Horacia) – mezzo soprano;
Anna Moiseeva (Karina) – soprano;
Thomas Vikström [THERION] (Gregory) – tenor;
Nalle Påhlsson [THERION] – bass, guitar, acoustic guitar;
Andrey Ishenko [ARKONA] – drums;
Christian Vidal [THERION] – solo guitar;
Sergey Lazar [ARKONA] – rhythm guitar in And I Shall Find My Home,
Pavel Maryashin – solo guitar.

Album artwork by Jan Yrlund. Photography by Vasily Sokolov. Costume design by Jane Odintsova. Costume production by Dmitry Varg. Costume painting by Zoia Raido.



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